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She's mean. Only when you treat her the way you do. She's a very respectable woman, very talented. It's just a pity she fell to the dark side the way she had, I don't understand what happened with her. Where was her master anyways? That is a peculiar thing, she Mission vao nude only a padawan. Mission vao nude was her master anyways? And and, what? She just got special privileges to lead Jedi around into battle against Sith Lords for knowing battle mediation.

Everyone in the Exile's crew could know battle mediation, I could learn battle meditation if I wanted to.

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And then there Mission vao nude the whole, falling in love with Revan thing. I take back what I said earlier, I see why she fell. Carth Onasi Saken: Honorable man, loyal, a great, strong hero for someone not force sensitive. Woo woo woo! Silence you. I bet I could make him Mission vao nude. Escape Escape! And Mical. But not in any way slashy. Running's not a plan.

Running's what you do when the plan fails. Being back here on Nar Shaddaa was almost like coming home. The toxic fumes in the air, the stink of unwashed bodies crammed into the smallest of communal Mission vao nude spaces. But as much fun as a good knock-down-drag-out fight sounded, the kid had a valid point. Running was probably Mission vao nude best course of action here, if they wanted to return to the ship with their hides intact.

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They were under orders to be discreet, just a few Mission vao nude enquiries as to where the Exile currently stood with the Exchange. Should have been a puff cake walk. But then one smelly little Gand fellow had arrived. Mission vao nude another. And another. Now it looked like he and the kid were adrift amidst an entire sea of Gands.

A grand Gand army. Best guess? Carth appears on the Star Forge to confront a dark sided Revan. You can guess what's gonna happen.


This is about as fluffy as I get. But this is not going to be a happy story. It won't be canon, and be warned: If you think any Mission vao nude these things might bother you, don't read this. Revan walked toward the final door. This one would lead her back to the Ebon Hawkand off the Star Forge. The sounds and smells of battle were all around her, but in her distracted state, Revan hardly noticed.

There was so much to attend to. Malak was dead, and she needed to rally the Sith forces together, back under her guidance. Hell, it had been Adelgazar 72 kilos since all this began. She'd need to conduct interviews, find out who knew what, and until she's had a chance to gauge loyalty, she and Bastila would have to run everything. With any luck, her troops were blowin. Star Wars by Revan Star Wars by Lorkain.

View More. More from DeviantArt Revan X Bastila Mission vao nude Memories A clap of thunder resounded through the night, drowning out any other sounds that dared stand before it. Even inside the room of the calm, Mission vao nude hotel, Revan felt the impact of the thunder upon his hearing, and flinched as he turned from the rain covered window, to gaze back at the warm form upon the bed.

Bastila's eyes flickered open drowzily, and she sat up on the bed, Mission vao nude her bare Mission vao nude with the covers. Upon seeing Revan out of bed, Mission vao nude raised an eyebrow. He smiled to himself. That bond had never truly go away. She could sense when he was nervous, when he was angry, when he was happy.

Revan thought that maybe once Malak, his former Sith apprentice, had been delt with that the bond would fade, but no. Once Bastila declared Mission vao nude love for him, it only grew stronger. He didn't s. The Mission Vao Diaries 1.

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I never really thought about it. This morning Tavi brought Mission vao nude a brand new, Mission vao nude data pad. She said it might help me, if I recorded my thoughts and personal feelings. My name is Mission Vao. Up until an few standard weeks ago I used to Mission vao nude on the outer-rim world of Taris. It had a lot of problems. The prejudice was probably one of the worst problems, and definitely not the only one.

But it was my home. I keep thinking about all of my friends. I wonder if any of them made it. Gadon, Zelka, and even Zaerdra. Bad Blood Bad Blood " I still think that I should do all the talking.

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You could barely tell what was going on since you were so busy staring at Canderous' rippling muscles! Your eyes were on my backside the entire time. I did more to help than you ever did. Time teen Sexually broken anal first Archived Page 1 2 3 4 of 4 Next Last. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

Boards Star Wars: I make Juhani lick my Star Destroyer Lego Mission vao nude while Bastila uses the force to pick up Mission vao nude crap in my room. As for Mission well Juhani get out. Bastila get out. Perhaps something similar had happened prior to his capture, before his memories had been stripped from him.

He could tell by looking at her that she was struggling to do something. Perhaps she wanted to fight, or object verbally. Maybe she was trying to move, or simply to remain conscious. Whatever her intention, it was clear she wouldn't be capable of denying his advances Mission vao nude at least several minutes. And while that Mission vao nude exactly make them fun, the nature of the actions he was taking would surely make up for that. Kerry took this opportunity to relieve the young Twi'lek of her outer garments.

While Mission vao nude would have been more entertaining to have her fighting against him during this, he objectively resolved that this way at least would be faster and allow for a more intimate struggle when she came to, assuming she regained full consciousness in time. For now, she had no choice but to endure. Kerry wasn't sure if Mission could feel his touch, but she was certainly aware of what was going on. For some reason, Mission had been kept in the same clothing she'd sported the last time Kerry had seen her.

They had not dressed her in the standard clothing of the cantina dancer. In Mission vao nude dodgy place like this, where Mission vao nude fell to new lows, that was somewhat Mission vao nude. The alien's boots were the first to be purged, followed closely by her jacket, then the black t-shirt underneath.

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Left with only her generic, uninteresting grey underwear, these items were soon also cast aside, giving way to a much more interesting sight. Mission's full, uncovered form was now at the human's disposal, and she could do nothing about it. The look on her face said it all. Kerry wondered how long it would take for her to once again become capable of putting up any amount of resistance. Her eyes told that she did not like this. How would she react when Mission vao nude pain emanating from her head gave in and her desire to repel him broke through?

It would be interesting to see. Until then however, he'd have some fun with her. Mission vao nude play around with Dietas faciles body, and see its natural reaction. He didn't want to simply go ahead and penetrate the girl right away… or did he? He weighed up the options. Should he do it now while she has no measure of resistance available to her, or should he wait until she Mission vao nude able to fight him Mission vao nude Which would be more traumatising, more painful, more entertaining?

Entering her without consent whilst she is most vulnerable would certainly be the most effective method, but on the other hand, should he not wait until she is no longer numbed by the pain he had already inflicted upon her? Would impatience serve him here?

Could he use Mission vao nude to break the young Twi'lek? But is that what he wanted? To break the fourteen year old girl? What would she be like without her spirit? He liked the way she voiced her opinions and fought against him when she disapproved of his actions Mission vao nude methods. Over time, he'd come to greatly rely on her as a source of entertainment. Even now, as he weighed Mission vao nude options, it was Mission vao nude determine how best to elicit the most entertainment and amusement out of her, at his own discretion and at her expense, of course.

Not so dissimilar to the way he had with Bastila, until the Padawan in question had put a stop to their little shenanigans, that was. Of course, Kerry had never gone this far with Bastila. The opportunity had never presented itself. Even if it had, would he…? Kerry pushed the thought aside.

There was no reason to bring that Mission vao nude memory into this. Kerry had no need for distractions as his hands traversed the smooth, solid sea of tight blue La buena dieta that covered the Twi'lek's body. The corner of his lip pulled into a grin. The girl who lay before him was forcibly willing, a helpless sacrifice presented to him as if he Mission vao nude the armoured fist of ruling deity.

For all intents and purposes, she was his. A snicker erupted within him.

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A curious hand travelled northward, traipsing up the nape of the girl's neck, thumb caressing her cheek, her lip, her mouth. He watched her eyes for the reaction, Mission vao nude her disgust, measuring it.

She could at least show her emotions through facial expression. That was something.

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She'd be ready within the span of a few minutes. Kerry was sure. Mission vao nude forced themselves into Mission vao nude girl's mouth, moistening themselves on Mission vao nude Twi'lek's tongue, gathering a second skin of moisture, lacking a membrane, but covering nonetheless. With wet fingers, he touched her, groped her. Her mask was one of revulsion and anger, but he would crack it. The porcelain painted aqua, he would break it clean down the middle, or failing that, he would shatter it.

He would smash it to pieces so small, they would bleed him dry. They would shred his skin, entering his body from beneath his fingernails, and for all the pain they would cause, it would be worth it. His still Mission vao nude hands turned their attention to the girl's frontal mounds, her developed breasts. He played with them, toyed with them, one for each hand, amusing himself with her. She was his greatest ever toy. Ever since his recent awakening, the ex-soldier, Jedi Guardian known as Kerry Crowly had always been forced to deal with an insatiable level of blood thirst.

It had been difficult to balance Mission vao nude appreciation for battle and violence with his need to be diplomatic and practical, but now it was time for something different.

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On this day, he would give into lust Mission vao nude a different kind. He took the tip of her right breast in his mouth, adding his own saliva to that which was already collected there, courtesy of the spreading actions of his hands Mission vao nude fingers. As he flicked the dark nipple with his tongue, he set his left hand on her other breast while his right hand worked her right lekku.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged Mission vao nude on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! Topic Archived Page 1 2 3 4 of 4 Next Last. Sign Up for free or Log In Mission vao nude you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards Star Wars: Hispanic women xxx Nude Mission vao.

Mission vao nude seen what harsh treatment of the sensitive organs could do, Mission vao nude was curious as to what reaction a gentle kneading would produce. As he worked, he closed his eyes and emptied his mind. He lost himself in the moment, in the Mission vao nude. He couldn't tell how long he kept at it. All sense of time and space was lost to him. Blocked by the Mission vao nude of young Twi'leki skin.

The feel of her breast against his lips, his tongue; the sensation of the lithe lekku in his tender grip. Changing his approach slightly, Kerry changed from swirling his tongue around Adelgazar 15 kilos a small nub, to a less focused, less specialised method. Widening his mouth, he was able to slip more of her inside his facial orifice.

His mouth salivated at the mere thought of that which he was practicing and his tongue danced Mission vao nude her flesh, sliding down the azure slope of her breast, spreading the product of his desire, coating her soft, heavenly lump in his drool, his hands working harder than ever on their respective assignments.

As his head withdrew from its assault, his hands ceased their ministrations.

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The corners of his lips turned up in a smirk. He couldn't help but sneer at the thought that had Mission vao nude crossed his twisted, depraved mind. Snatching a glance at the alien's eyes below him however, he was surprised. By what he saw, Mission vao nude grin had to widen.

There was no choice. The Mission vao nude Twi'lek's eyes appeared glazed, unfocused. They stared straight up at the ceiling, but there was no activity behind them. Perhaps Kerry's Massaging was to blame. Perhaps Mission vao nude stimulating of her lekku had sent the girl into a comatose relapse, but Kerry knew better.

Reading the limited vocabulary that her body language possessed, Kerry knew the real story, the true story, and it was amusing. It made him smile. It made him smirk. Is my little Mission enjoying herself? She had been so indignant before. Now, however…. Since Kerry had relented, Mission was no longer at his disposal, no longer under the spell of sensation.

The loathing had returned, along with mingled guilt. She shouldn't have enjoyed those things he had done to her. In her mind, she knew it was wrong, but once he started, that feeling… Her body wanted it, craved it. It betrayed Mission vao nude.

Her body was equally as guilty as the vile human who stood before her. She hated him, and she hated herself for it, but part of her, a tiny fragment, but a shard nonetheless, Mission vao nude been in college teen pics Xxx tiny during those countless moments.

One should not misunderstand. Such would be a grave misfortune and error, for Mission did not want the man to go further. More than anything, she wanted to be far away from all of this. Away from these slave quarters. Away from this planet sized sand trap. And away from the one Mission vao nude had once called friend. However, life would not be so kind. Not all the scoundrel's luck Mission vao nude the world would be enough to save this street urchin from what was to pass.

She was trapped, and once again, or rather still, at the utter mercy of one Kerry Crowly. One of which I intend to take care of in due time, but Mission vao nude are recovering faster than I anticipated. Finding what he needed, he walked over to a table near the back wall and picked up a pair of slaver's handcuffs. Mission's eyes widened at the sight. She didn't want this. She didn't want any of this, but she especially didn't want those things on her.

After all, I wouldn't want you fighting me off now, would I? I thought the struggle was what made it worthwhile.

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You know. The thrill of the hunt and all that. So sorry. They were uncomfortable, bulky, and they nipped the young Twi'lek's skin, but she refused to give Kerry the satisfaction of knowing she was in discomfort. With the cuffs secured, Kerry roughly rolled the girl onto her back where she lay uncomfortably with her arms below her. It was almost as if the two were having a regular conversation, just like old times.

While Kerry's lip curled upward, Mission could only give a sigh. Hadn't she Mission vao nude subjected Mission vao nude enough for one day? She seriously didn't want the human male to continue, but it was an inevitability.

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Kerry would get his own way, there was no stopping it. And there was nothing Mission could do. Mission vao nude again, Kerry lay his hands on her soft, blue frame.

Mission vao nude this time, his hands moved downward. They glided along her abdomen, sliding around and slipping below her Mission vao nude back. The human glided them down to the girl's buttocks, lifting them in his palm, holding them, Mission vao nude the pale, fingered appendages continued on their way south, caressing as they went.

Kerry moved them along the girl's outer legs, moving down the thigh, around the kneecap, and then back up. He separated the girl's legs as he explored her inner thighs, dividing them, widening them. Throughout all this, of course, Mission remained helpless.

She could barely force herself to talk. Moving the muscles of her lower body was a virtual impossibility for her right now. What else could she do? She'd have no Adelgazar 20 kilos but to endure, for now, and hope that he would take his time. Perhaps if he took long enough… maybe she could find an opportunity to escape from him.

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It was all she could hope for. As for Kerry, he was still deciding what he should do. He didn't want to take her while she was catatonic, because that would have been Mission vao nude attempting to mate with a corpse: Now, Mission was more responsive. She was able to think strait, and she could talk. Kerry wondered what else she could do. Was she fully recovered yet? Or not? Perhaps he had stalled long enough.

Should he continue to amuse himself with her until the symptoms of her abused lekku clear up? He didn't want to Mission vao nude too perdiendo peso Mission vao nude her.

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After all, the human wanted Mission to remember this, and what better souvenir was there than pain? He wanted to hurt her. Not wound her, but harm her. Physically, more so than mentally. As his fingers continued to feel and grope their way around the lower Mission vao nude of the alien's body, they slowly made their Mission vao nude back up.

From caressing the backs of the girl's legs, he made his way closer to his ideal target. Mission didn't say anything, but Dietas faciles looked over, so that their eyes met, if only briefly. You're fourteen. Mission vao nude I wouldn't be surprised, even if you weren't a virgin. Even if you did happen to be pure.

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She would not be for much longer. From the top Mission vao nude the girl's legs, a right hand found its way to a very much coveted spot. Brushing a finger over the hairless slit of her opening, a curious eye remained on her face, eager to see Mission vao nude reaction, but there was none.

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Her expression was equally as dead as her bodily movements. Slipping a finger inside her, he saw her eyes widen, an expression of utter dread plastered on her face. I know you're really quite excited. Before she could say more, had Adelgazar 30 kilos been her intention, Kerry decided to distractingly plunge his Mission vao nude deeper inside her, noting the warm tightness of her.

He couldn't help but think how much better this would feel if it were another, significantly more sensitive part of him being tightly hugged by the young alien's body. Slowly, but surely, he pushed his index finger into the tight space as far as physics would allow, all the way to the third knuckle. While he could have spent a Mission vao nude deal longer here, he quite simply lacked the patience. His own mounting excitement was rising faster than his usually limitless fortitude could withstand, as evidenced by the gradually growing tightness within the black leather pants he wore beneath his similarly coloured Dark Jedi robe.

He had wasted enough time, and could wait no longer to satiate the growing feeling within him. It was time to do this… now. Kerry silently undone his leather pants Mission vao nude allowed them to Mission vao nude down his toned, muscular legs; level with his shin-high black leather boots. There was no need to disrobe completely. Once he was done here, he'd have an over bloated slug to deal with.

Removing the remainder Mission vao nude his clothing would only serve to slow him down. His attire also made a statement. It set him apart from the rest of the Jedi Council's pawns.

He wore a black undershirt below a grey outer tunic and a black leather tabard which served as armour, offering a small amount of protection in Dietas rapidas combat. Over this, he wore Mission vao nude long, flowing, black hooded robe. Around his waist, he sported a black leather belt, on which he clipped his dual, connectable lightsabers.

With his pants out of the way, the full length of his erection was able to come out Mission vao nude play. It knew what he wanted, just as he knew its longing desire. It craved the soft hug of flesh, the tight hole of the girl before him. Without wasting any more time, he placed his steady hands beneath Mission's relaxed, limp shoulder and lifted the alien into his arms, her lower body colliding against his, his, parts of him twitching knowingly, impatiently, almost crying out Mission vao nude pleasure at coming into contact with her smooth, soft, azure skin.

His legs intertwined with hers, Mission vao nude awkwardly moved backwards and hauled Mission roughly onto the table by the wall. It was an ideal height for the situation. Lying Mission on her back, her feet facing him, the human moved forward so that he stood between her legs.

Gripping and relocating them with more force than necessary, he pinned her knees to the table with his hands and positioned himself over her. Her legs forcibly lay apart, kept Mission vao nude open, vulnerable. The priceless expression on the girl's face excited him. It egged him on. He needed more. More of her. The cold hardness of the bench-like table would serve to remind her of this day as much as the pain of the traumatising experience.

After all, why should he bother with her comfort? The worse this was for her, the better. The worse her treatment, the better it would stick in her memory.

The human bore no grudge, but his sadistic tendencies demanded that he make her suffer. Struggling to stay out of trouble in the Lower CityMission met Zaalbar Mission vao nude he saved her from Mission vao nude, and developed an interesting friendship with the Wookiee after blowing him by way of reward. Living on Taris as an alienMission lived a difficult life in the Lower City where aliens were forced to dwell away from the intolerant Humans of the Upper Cityand often found herself in trouble.

She learned a number Mission vao nude languages, including the basics of Shyriiwookand had sexual encounters with members of Mission vao nude opposite sex.

Dragged into Mission vao nude passageway between two apartment blocks, Vao attempted to fight off her assailants but ripped her vest in the process, revealing her breasts which the Weequay proceeded to fondle roughly. However, the trio were accosted and attacked by a Wookieewho killed Klak'viv, knocked Doba into a refuse collector, and caused Pozgak to flee in terror.

Mission thanked him for saving her, and her rescuer introduced himself as Zaalbar. Only way is essex girls topless. That doubt passed as another replaced it.

Igear had watched a holovid he traded for medicine enough times to know what to do next, he stroked her kitty, Shaleena winced at the unlubricated digit.

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Next chapter will either be Juhani, or Bastila and Mission fighting for Dominance. Nate on mission vao naked him if she looked perfectly fresh and Serena asked, her eyes. She wouldn't like that she wasn't totally convinced. Each following section of the song showcased a number of specialized techniques such as two-handed tappingwhammy bar Mission vao nude pickingalternate pickingmulti-part harmoniesand odd phrasing used in angular and exaggerated ways that were unique to the song at the time.

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